Griffen Dental Laboratory Ltd

Griffen Dental Laboratory is a well-established laboratory located in Byfleet, Surrey, serving private dental surgeons in the local area as well as in Central and Southwest London and beyond. The laboratory offers local customers the convenience of a daily delivery and collection service and a freepost service is available for customers further afield.

Griffen Dental Laboratory offers a comprehensive range of solutions for tooth preservation and replacement, including crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, and customised mouthguards. Incorporated in 1965, the business is owned by Ian Cleaver and Graham Eke; both registered dental technicians with almost 70 years experience between them.

Growing up in Byfleet, Ian and Graham were childhood friends who were both fascinated with their neighbours’ dental laboratory. Ian joined Griffen Dental Laboratory as an apprentice in 1975, worked his way to a directorship in 1991 and then invited Graham to join the team. Graham became a director in 2001.

Graham and Ian have worked successfully together for 22 years, an achievement they attribute to their shared values of teamwork, technical competence, quality and innovation. The team includes only qualified and General Dental Council (GDC) registered technicians who share a busy laboratory comprising a scanning suite equipped with both a 3Shape open scanner and a Procera MOD 50 scanner. There is also a denture department, a casting and model room, and a crown and bridge room, where implants are also produced, as Griffen Dental Laboratory is experienced with many of the leading implant systems including Straumann, Nobel Biocare and 3i.

The Griffen team operates as part of the dental surgeon’s team because it provides valuable advice on case planning; prepares helpful diagnostic presentations and delivers customised shade-matching services in-surgery or in-laboratory. The technical team is supported by two administrators, as well as two drivers who maintain the collection and delivery schedule.

While many years’ experience and a well organised team are vital to the production of beautiful and functional restorations, the directors understand that without consistent product quality, dentists and patients will be let down. To ensure that they meet customer requirements, the laboratory follows operational processes that conform to quality standards and Griffen Dental Laboratory is very proud to have gained the Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme (DAMAS) certification. DAMAS is a quality management system designed specifically for the manufacturers of custom made medical devices and through certification, Griffen Dental Laboratory has demonstrated that its products conform to national standards and current legislation. The directors also need to keep informed about changes in UK legislation and regulations, new products and training courses and membership of the Dental Laboratories Association (DLA) helps them to do this.

Perhaps the greatest imperative for dental laboratories in the 21st century is to stay abreast of trends, technology, and material developments and apply this knowledge for the benefit of dental surgeons and their patients. This is precisely why Griffen Dental Laboratory accepted the invitation to join Terec in 2005. Terec membership has provided the laboratory with the opportunity to exchange ideas with other leading UK professionals, investigate new technology and materials, trial equipment that would not have been possible previously and offer the exclusive Chameleon® range of restorations to clinicians.

Ian and Graham are very clear about their goals, although nothing is simple in the rapidly changing world of aesthetic dentistry. They aspire to offer clinicians what they believe clinicians want; a personal service that is efficient, flexible and reliable; expertise in leading edge technology; skilfully crafted, highly aesthetic restorations and the best technical support available.