Chameleon® Layered Zirconia Restorations

Chameleon® Layered Zirconia restorations, including crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays, have been developed with aesthetics, reliability and biocompatibility in mind.

Chameleon® restorations are metal-free and highly translucent, giving a more natural appearance than metal bonded to porcelain restorations, which can produce a dark line at the gumline.

Because Chameleon® restorations are made from zirconia, a highly biocompatible material which has been used in medical treatments for many years; they can be placed next to tissue without any gum reaction or irritation.

Chameleon® Layered Zirconia restorations are amongst the strongest and most durable in dentistry, with a flexural strength of over 1200 MPa. These restorations are designed and milled using modern CAD/CAM technology, then skilfully hand finished by Terec’s dental technicians.

Unrivalled in natural beauty and fit

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