Chameleon® Implants

Chameleon® Zirconia custom abutments offer the best aesthetic solution for cement and screw retained implant prosthetics and are strong enough to be used in all positions in the mouth.

Chameleon® abutments work on most major implant platforms, giving you the freedom to choose the best solution for your patient.

Using our unique virtual abutment design software, we design individual zirconia abutments within the final tooth shape. The result is an abutment with outstanding function and aesthetics, and the restorative procedure is simple with reduced chair time. It will also eliminate the need for inventory of stock abutments and have a fixed cost custom abutment since no precious metals are used.

The CAD construction of Chameleon® abutments allows greater accuracy when designing emergence angles and paths of insertion. The highly polished zirconia collar provides better acceptance to the soft tissues and produces an exceptional aesthetic abutment for single and multiple cases.

Terec laboratories are able to provide fully customised Chameleon® Zirconia abutments complete with screw and finished zirconia crown.

The best aesthetic cement and screw retained implant prosthetic

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