Chairman's Welcome

10 June 2013

David Shephard

The Technical Research Consortium has been active since 1985 and our aim for this website is to raise awareness of our activities. I would like to welcome you to our site, and invite you to view our member profiles and read about our Chameleon® branded products. You will also find a page for practice managers, one for consumers and a section that lists free CPD courses and provides links to them.

Terec laboratories are keen to build a productive relationship with your practice and work with you and your dental team from the treatment planning phase through to the final fitting.  Continuous and smooth communications between practice and lab throughout each stage of the treatment process will produce the best results.

Terec laboratories are very determined to serve dental clinicians well and the best way to get optimal results from a Terec laboratory is to relay as much information as possible about the patient. This includes completing the laboratory forms as fully as possible, and where possible, a photograph of the patients. Information about the patient’s sex, age, skin colour, facial features including lip line, smile line and bite registrations, is all extremely relevant to the accurate design and production of restorations and appliances.  Quite simply, the more information you provide, the better the restoration.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you contact your nearest Terec laboratory soon. When you contact a Terec laboratory, you will be sure to receive a warm welcome from people who want to offer you a superior service, and to help you obtain the best possible aesthetic restorative solutions for your patients.

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