About Terec

Terec was established in 1985 by a group of leading independent dental laboratories whose prime objective was to source and research new techniques and materials and bring them to the UK and Irish markets. Terec is particularly known for introducing the unique Chameleon® zirconia veneers, which revolutionised aesthetic dentistry, and the Chameleon® range of materials and restorations.

Since the 1980s, advances in technology have accelerated rapidly, generating a plethora of new materials, equipment and systems. In response, Terec’s focus of attention has widened. As well as promoting the innovative Chameleon® collection, Terec has become a knowledge hub, building upon the combined expertise of our members and facilitating collaborative learning, research and development, information sharing, purchasing and marketing.

Terec members operate independently of each other and indeed may compete with each other however they share the same goals. They aim to serve clinicians better than other laboratories, and to help them obtain the best possible aesthetic restorative solutions for patients. To this end, Terec’s directors, who are all specialist technicians registered with the General Dental Council, gather, share and disseminate knowledge, experience and learning.

Members meet regularly to explore and assess new products, materials and techniques and are often asked by equipment manufacturers to trial and appraise new machinery. They also attend conferences and exhibitions abroad together to critically evaluate global advancements and cutting edge technologies. Members organise internal group training sessions delivered by leading technology suppliers so that they are thoroughly conversant with the latest restorative solutions.

Terec members find these activities essential to the quality of their capital investment decisions, productivity improvements and the expert advice they offer clinicians. While most laboratories offer support to their customers, Terec laboratories possess a much wider knowledge base and frequently consult each other about complex or difficult cases. Thus, clinicians can be confident that the advice supplied by a Terec laboratory is the most informed available. Further, as a service to visitors to our website, we have published a list of free CPD available as workshops, webinars or e learning courses from suppliers and also through Terec laboratories.

Terec supports marketing and promotional activities. Our members are eager to help clinicians promote the benefits of aesthetic dentistry to their patients, and our attractive marketing materials are often spotted in practice waiting rooms. At times, we are able to negotiate preferential group rates on certain products or materials, which members pass to their customers through special offers.

Terec members develop solid relationships built on mutual trust and support, not only among group members but also with their customers. They strive to be helpful partners to their dentists and to be included as part of the dentist’s team, contributing to treatment planning and offering a range of value added services. As a result, Terec laboratories complete their cases efficiently and on time. Dentists and their patients appreciate beautifully crafted, aesthetically appealing and precision made restorations.

We hope you enjoy reading our members’ profiles and can see the benefits of using their services. Terec laboratories work to provide you with the most appropriate aesthetic restorative solutions, so that your patients become loyal advocates of aesthetic dentistry.

The Technical Research Consortium, Terec Limited, incorporated in 1985, registration no 01951517.
Chairman: David Sheppard